Jobs in lahore

Jobs in lahore

Total Vacancies Available:20
Status: Registered
No. of Employees: 20
Contact now 0345-1197160 (only Lahore)
JOB Titles

Office Administration, HR…!
Income Offered: 20,000 to 25000
Qualification Required: Intermediate, Graduates, Master
Office Location: Lahore
Duties: Meeting Arrangement, counseling, File work Interview Conducting, All Office Activities.

Online Marketing & Advertisement:

home based…
#Note(but first time you have to come must in office AT Lahore)
10 Vacancies
Income Offered: 15,000 to 20,000+
Qualification Required:
Matriculation, intermediate, Graduates, Job holders person’s
Duties: Online Social Sites Advertising, Online Marketing, Counseling, add posting online Networking

Educational & Trainings….!
5 Vacancies
Income Offered: 20,000 to 30000+
Qualification Required: Intermediate+, graduates, Master’s
Office Location: Lahore
Duties: Regular Trainings, IT Courses, Skill Teaching,motivation lecture.

#income Increases Depending On Your Working, Professionalism, Honesty & Skills.
You can get your income on daily, weekly, monthly basis…..

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#Note: Best For Lahore Candidates. other cities person’s can also join home based but Interview Is Compulsory For Every Position, Even If You Are Applying home based……!!